Eyelash extensions, Microblading, and Massage

                                                             Eyelash Extensions            

A single mink lash extension is applied to 80-90% of the clients individual natural lash. 

                                               Synthetic Mink                          

Full Set                                       $199, new client special $119                                            

Fills up to 15 days                      $49                                                                   

Fills 16-22 days                          $59                                             

Fills 23-28 days                          $69                                             

*Volume 3D-6D lashes- For those who want a more glamorous/full look, the lash artist will apply between 3-6 (thinner) extensions on about 60-80% of the client's natural lash. 

                                               Please add $50 to any of the Full Set prices

*Any fills after the 28th day will require full removal and a full set. Though there may be some extensions still attached, in this length of time the natural lash has grown out dramatically and the extension will need to be removed.

Eyelash Training Classes

This one day 8 hour course will provide future Lash Artists the skills they need to apply extensions safely and with speed. A cosmetology or esthetic license is required to legally administer this service in the state of Nevada but not required for the course. With dedication and passion for the craft, lash extensions can be a lucrative career. 

Please email lindav702@yahoo.com or linda@whiplashes.net for questions. Classes may be purchased on our online web store. Once payment is received we will send you an email with additional information regarding time, date, location and itinerary. 

Eyelash extensions training class                                                                     $499

Deposit                                                                                                              $200

(remainder can be paid the day of training with cash or debit/credit card)

Kit (optional if you aready have your own supples)                                             $150